The Bachelor Australia

What would a Bachelor Australia baby look like?

What would a Bachelor Australia baby look like?

Everyone’s asking “Who won The Bachelor Australia?” and the answer is

We decided to consult to see what a baby of the new couple would look like.

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The Bachelor Australia 2014 Winner Announced

I a thrilling final episode the last red rose was handed to the winner of  The Bachelor Australia Tim  and I will be together for a very long timeContinue Reading

Crazy News – Ali didn’t get a rose !!

Long standing favourite Ali (Alison) the real estate agent from SA was one of three left and missed out a rose on The Bachelor Australia tonight.

Alison, Anna & Rochelle : The final 3 The Bachelor Australia

From the original 25 there are only 3 girls left, Alison, Anna and Rochelle. After meeting the parents has Tim gleaned something new about the girls from their family in his quest for someone honest, intelligent & down-to-earth, with a great sense of humour? Will Anna win The Bachelor Australia?Continue Reading


Age: 26 Occupation: LawyerContinue Reading


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Age: 33 Occupation : Child PsychologistContinue Reading



Age: 27 Occupation: Real Estate AgentContinue Reading



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The Bachelor Australia Recap Week 9

Our favourite quote picked up by the fabulous team at Mama Mia. Love or hate The Bachelor Australia they really have a way with words. I’m usually a person that thinks a lot with my head. – TimContinue Reading