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Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter are a couple which The Bachelor is truly proud of, as they are the only two people who make the show a legitimate dating show. Trista first appeared on The Bachelor, where she was eventually dumped by Alex Michael on its first season. She came back as The Bachelorette, and was thus given a chance to choose her man. He came in the form of Ryan Sutter, whom she eventually married and had a child with.

The couple is the only Bachelor pair to survive in the post-reality world, and their televised marriage in 2003 was covered by ABC. Four years later, they welcomed their first child together. In a recent issue of US Weekly magazine, Trista and Ryan shared family pictures and details on how they spent the recent holidays.

Trista and Ryan even posed with their 5 month old son, Maxwell. Trista also shared her thoughts on being a new parent. She said, “It’s really special. We have somebody who needs us. We just traveled to Nebraska for an early Christmas, where Max got to meet his grandparents. It’s great to introduce him to our traditions, even if he doesn’t understand.”

The couple also shared their family holiday card which they sent to family and friends. As for their birthday gift to little Maxwell, the new parents bought him a small motorized fire truck to play with. The gift was simple but meaningful, as Ryan is a firefighter.

“I couldn’t resist,” Trista admitted. Baby Max enjoys playing with his father, and his favorite game is “super spaceship,” where Ryan zooms the baby all over the family living room. Max also enjoys spending time with his mother, often waking her up early in the morning for breakfast and some bonding time. When she’s not busy, Trista likes working out and getting back into shape. She’s pretty successful in that department, as she’s just three pounds away from getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

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