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At one point or another you’ll find yourself in the position of having to plan your best friend’s bachelorette party or at the very least attend one.

And if you haven’t cottoned on to the trend that hen parties have moved way past the kitchen then it’s a good thing you found this article!

Fortunately for us girls we never plan these sorts of events with the intention of getting our BFF totally motherless and embarrassing them on street corners – what is it with bachelor boys and cross dressing anyway?

But let’s not pretend we’re angels – well maybe we are but that’s our Victoria secret – meaning that a bachelorette celebration needn’t necessarily be boring.

Bachelorette party – Scene One:

Recently I headed out with a pack of females to the Breede River in South Africa to celebrate one of the many milestones in the journey of womanhood.

The benefit of going away for an extended, weekend long bachelorette extravaganze is that you all get to car pool or club together with the car hire, keeping travelling expenses to a minimum. Also, on the night of the main party there will be no need to have designated drivers if anybody is over-indulging – those Pongracz bubbles have a way of going straight to the head, don’t they?

The Winelands region in the Western Cape is only one stunning location in and around South Africa you could choose from. Choose a location that is suitable and convenient for everybody.

Additionally, doing a group booking may allow you to secure a reduced rate. Self-catering accommodation also takes a load off the budget – but remember somebody is going to have to do the cooking and cleaning. Time is money after all.

Bachelorette party – Scene Two:

Right, so going away for a few days isn’t exactly an option but you’d still like to treat your friend to a memorable experience. A spa pamper party ends up doubling as preparing your friend for her big day – the bride is often given extra attention and certain treatments can be thrown in as a bonus.

By making a group booking you minimise the stress of having to plan an entertaining itinerary, as these themed spa experiences take care of the day for you. Don’t forget about all the additional facilities such as plunge pools, saunas and steam baths that will allow you to relax and enjoy some quality time with your friends, either before or after therapists takes care of everybody’s grooming needs. Not only that they’ll provide healthy snacks and treats for all of you to indulge into.

Whatever you decide to do, keep in mind, it’s her big celebration of singledom:

– Don’t do anything to embarrass her or make her feel uncomfortable.
– Now is not the time to see how much alcohol she can actually consume.
– The weekend of or the night before the wedding is not a good time to have this party.
– If a stripper will make her feel uncomfortable, enough said.
– Pole dancing lessons and other fun games are perhaps the better option.
– Spoiling her with sexy lingerie is always welcome but make sure she agrees to everybody snapping away at her modelling her new lacy wardrobe.

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